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Reasons Behind Recurring Clogs

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A clogged drain could indicate that your property has underlying plumbing issues. It’s even more telling when the clogs don’t seem to go away even after repairs have been made. Pipe Surgeons provides professional drain cleaning in Fort Pierce, FL to make sure your drain system retains superb efficiency all year round. Below are the most common causes of recurring clogs.


If you get rid of food scraps through the garbage disposal, your kitchen drains are highly likely to become clogged. Food wastes, including fruit peels, tea leaves, and coffee grains, significantly prevent water flow. Food byproducts like oils and grease harden within the pipe’s interior surface, reducing the plumbing system’s diameter.

It’s best to throw food scraps in the trash, as opposed to the garbage disposal. Alternatively, purchase a can for disposing of grease and fats. Professional drain snaking is one of the most efficient methods of ensuring your drainage system remains clean at all times.

Personal Hygiene Products

Improper disposal of feminine products can result in a clogged drain. Cotton swabs, tampons, and pads grow thicker upon absorbing moisture, creating messy plumbing problems. Manufacturers provide helpful guidelines for the proper disposal of these items.

Washing cosmetic products via the sinks is equally hazardous. Cosmetic powders trap other commodities in the drains, preventing proper drainage. In case of accidental make-up spills, it’s best if you use a cloth to wipe off the mess.

Tree Root Invasion

Water sources significantly promote tree root growth. Consequently, underground leaks in your piping system could create expensive plumbing problems. Tree root infiltration mainly occurs if you have lots of trees and shrubs near your piping network. If you suspect tree root growth, you may consult our drain cleaning company for expert camera and video inspection services.

Are you looking for exceptional drain cleaning services? Contact us today and let us protect your drainage system from recurring clog issues.

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