Camera Inspections for Water, Sewer, & Drain Lines

Our reliable and specialized sewer video cameras allow our team to see the cause and exact location of an exiting problem.


Pipe Surgeons offers 19 services performed by our certified and fully licensed plumbing and pipe specialists. Having a sewer camera inspection is invaluable when diagnosing the cause and location of a piping issue. In years past, before such technology existed, plumbers would have to estimate where a clog could be and attempt to dig out that area of pipe to correct the issue. Not only was this messy, but it was time-consuming and, therefore, quite expensive. 

Sewer camera inspections allow our plumbers to physically see the clog and its specific location in the pipe. Knowing the type of clog present allows us to treat the clog in the correct way. Invading tree roots, for example, will be treated much differently than clogs caused by cement or organic substances. Each issue has its own treatment and the camera allows our team to save time and money, and get the clog corrected accurately. 

Sewer cameras are flexible, waterproof cameras that can travel the entire length of most pipes. The images received not only tell our team how to treat the given issue, but can also allow us to see potential upcoming issues that may not yet have occurred. 

Camera Inspections on Sewer Drain Lines

At Pipe Surgeons, we rely on pipeline inspections to find stubborn clogs and remove them as soon as possible in homes and businesses across the state. Not only can a pipeline inspection fix sewer line problems, it can also serve as a preventative measure to ensure that future problems won’t reoccur. Our reliable video cameras and advanced technology allow us to give our customers understanding of pipe issues, both present and future. 

Sewer Line Inspection

At Pipe Surgeons, we send our professional technicians to fix these problems and find other issues with this non-intrusive method. We avoid digging through the ground to access the pipes and find the problems by sending a video camera into the pipe following a thorough cleaning session. By cleaning the pipe beforehand, we guarantee that we will be able to expose and accurately diagnose problems, including obvious, tangible issues such as clogs and tree root infestations, while also revealing the presence of possible corrosion or leaks and cracks in the pipe.

Camera inspections allow the team to not only diagnose the cause of an existing pipe issue, but specifically pinpoint where the issue is occurring within the pipe. Such cameras provide invaluable information of the health of the pipe and potential future issues that may be prevented. If you would like a sewer camera inspection, call the Pipe Surgeons team today. 

Problems In Lateral Lines

The lateral lines connect the sewer system in homes and businesses to the sewer main in city streets, and because of this, lateral lines are prone to suffering from problems with clogs formed by sewage waste and even tree roots that have grown into the pipe from nearby trees. Our camera inspections can extend to the lateral lines through the cleanout on the property, and once we have diagnosed the problem, we can fix it with our trenchless repair solutions.

Detect Leaks In Water Pipes

While camera inspections in water pipes aren’t common, our experts at Pipe Surgeons still inspect these pipes based on leak detection principles and equipment. Water pipes transport water throughout homes and businesses as needed, and since they are constantly pressurized, this makes leak detection services vital in order to prevent major flooding. By performing inspections on a regular basis, this makes maintenance on the water pipes easier and more reliable.

Leaks & Inspecting Water Mains

The primary pipe that transports water to residential and commercial properties in Florida cities, inspecting the water main regularly is an important task. With our trenchless and innovative leak detection equipment, we can quickly locate the presence of leaks and offer a fast solution at a great, cost-effective price.

Inspecting Water Service Lines

The water service line is the pipe that allows homes and businesses to be provided with a consistent source of water. If our experts need to repair these water service lines following detecting a leak in the system, we will shut off the water valve to help avoid the risk of water overflowing on the property. Our inspection methods allow us to make careful and informed decisions on how to best approach rehabilitating the water service pipelines back to normal.


You know that a company cares about the quality of its work when they stand behind it. We have some of the best South Florida sewer pipe repair and pipe installation warranties and guarantees in the industry because we know our staff and our products are the best in the business. Our passionate technicians are friendly, clean, polite, drug-free, and experienced while both our parts and products are state-of-the-art—guaranteed!

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