Tree Root Invasion in Florida

Tree root invasions occur when roots, seeking water and nutrients, grow toward a pipeline and make their way into it.


Pipe Surgeons offers 19 services performed by our certified and fully licensed plumbing and pipe specialists. Tree root invasion is a main service call we get throughout Florida.  Tree roots can cause some serious problems when it comes to underground piping. While pipes are made of durable materials such as PVC or cast iron, even the strongest of materials will eventually fall victim to nature. Trees on a property bring beauty, shade, and life to any location. They have been in most locations far longer than humans and have, over the years, developed amazing ways to survive naturally. What most people don’t realize is that tree roots can be severely damaging to our human-made structures, and this includes plumbing. 

Roots will naturally look for water and if water is detected nearby, roots will grow toward that direction, moving through and around most obstacles. Once a root finds a weak spot in a pipe, it will work around that area until it invades the pipe to access the water. if your piping is falling victim to tree root invasion, Pipe Surgeons can help. Our team can perform a camera inspection to assess exactly where the invasion/ blockage is occurring and remove the invasive roots.  

Invasive Tree Roots on the Florida Coast

In South Florida, there is no shortage of environmental factors that can impact the functionality of your pipes. From misuse to normal wear and tear, the experts at Pipe Surgeons have seen (and fixed) it all. One extremely common cause of drain problems, however, is tree root invasion. While it might not be the first conclusion a backed-up drain draws your mind to, a large percentage of sewer service calls are caused by this one issue.

What is a tree root invasion?

Tree root invasions occur when roots, seeking water and nutrients, grow toward a pipeline and make their way into it. Sewer lines are ideal sources of sustenance for trees, as they provide a semi-continual flow of water and waste that the trees can use to thrive. Unfortunately, the situation is far less ideal for property owners, as tree roots are highly damaging to pipes and contribute to blockages.

How do tree roots get into pipes?

Tree roots don’t simply burst into healthy pipes. Cracks, like those often found in the concrete and clay lines that are common to Florida sewers, allow small amounts of water and waste out which attract the roots. Then, the roots make their way into the crack in the line, widening what was once a much smaller hole and creating an obstruction in your pipe.



How can I tell if I have a tree root invasion?

Tree root invasions can be costly – and only get more expensive as the roots grow and further fill your pipeline. That’s why it’s so important to detect and fix these issues early. Here’s a quick list of tell-tale signs your pipes have been invaded by roots.

Sewer Smells in Your Building

If your home or business has started to smell like a sewer, a tree root invasion may be to blame. Tree roots get into the line, catching debris as it moves through your pipe and slowly build up a solid mass in your pipeline. This makes traps the sewer air in your line, causing odors to back up into your home or building.

Toilet Draining or Gurgling

Water should be flushed out of your toilet quickly; however, if you notice it is taking longer than usual to drain or making gurgling sounds when you flush, even when only liquid is going down, take note. A blockage in your line is likely preventing the water from travelling through the pipes as quickly as it should.



Backups & Overflow

Water backs up into your sink, toilet, or tub when the drain pipe is incapable of handling the volume of water being pushed through it. Drain clogs and blockages greatly decrease the efficacy of your pipes, so when your fresh wastewater tries to make its way down your blocked drain it cannot find a path and comes back up.

Sewer Flies

Visible water and drain issues aren’t the only possible indicators of a problem. Unseen pools of wastewater in your yard or in your basement will attract sewer flies, which are pesky to find but helpful in alerting you to issues that exist down your pipeline.

At Pipe Surgeons, we help clients throughout South Florida, including Broward County, St. Lucie County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County repair their blocked pipes without digging up their yard. Using trenchless technology, we get into your lines using existing access points – leaving your property undamaged as your pipes are repaired. For more information and an evaluation of your pipes, call us today. We service Vero Beach, Port St Lucie, Melbourne, West Palm Beach and the entire South Florida East Coast area.

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