Pipe Leak Smoke Testing

Using advanced smoke testing techniques, Pipe Surgeons will be able to pinpoint where the odor is coming from and eliminate it.


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Smoke Testing Leak Detection Port St Lucie & Throughout Florida

Pipe Surgeons is not only versed in fixing plumbing systems, but also eliminating foul odors that may permeate from within these systems. Not only is the smell unpleasant, but they can contain dangerous gases and chemicals that can create a hazardous environment to live in. Using advanced smoke testing techniques, Pipe Surgeons will be able to pinpoint where the odor is coming from and eliminate it.

What Is Pipeline Smoke Testing?

Smoke testing is a form of leak detection and inspection service that utilizes harmless, colored smoke to identify small leaks that are otherwise undetectable with cameras or other equipment. This is a specialized process that is deployed if leaks can’t be found through other conventional methods.

The Smoke Testing Process

  • 1 A camera inspection is conducted to ensure that there are no other complications within the pipes.
  • 2 Large downdraft fans are placed over open manholes at either end of the sewer line in question, while the rest of the lines are blocked to assist in finding the source of the leak.
  • 3 Non-hazardous smoke is generated, either by detonating a harmless smoke bomb or by pouring liquid smoke down the sewer line, and the fans will blow it into the line.
  • 4 If the pipes are leaking, plumes of smoke will escape the sewer lines through the leak sites, providing a clear visual confirmation of where the problems lie.
  • 5 The leak sites are denoted with small flags or markers, which will determine which sections of the pipe will require replacement or repair.
  • 6 After all of the sites have been notated, our experts will repair the leaks and other problems in the pipes accordingly with our epoxy resin pipe lining services.

Smoke Testing Sewer Lateral Lines

Because sewer lateral lines transport waste to the main line when appliances are flushed, locating leaks can be challenging without the right equipment. Our smoke testing equipment and methods ensure that the leaks are identified and that they are sealed away accordingly with our pipe lining equipment.

Detecting Leaks In Sewer Main Lines With Smoke Testing

Sewer main lines are installed beneath streets and transport waste away from the residences and business buildings in communities. Due to their position under busy streets with frequent traffic, smoke testing serves as an ideal way to diagnose problems without heavy excavation or needing to reroute traffic to different roads. With our minimally invasive techniques, we ensure that the necessary repairs can be made as quickly as possible without inconveniencing home and business owners.



Smoke Testing Sewer Vent Stacks In Florida

With vent stacks often being long and interconnected systems in apartment complexes, accurately identifying the location of a leak in the system is necessary to offer the best solution for fixing it.

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