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Pipe Surgeons in South Florida specializes in drain, pipe, and sewer main line cleaning and clearing services for any location, including businesses, industrial, commercial locations and homes. Problems with drain clogs can lead to extreme pipeline complications and health hazards if the issue is not taken care of.

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At Pipe Surgeons, we use the best inspection methods and modern technology to clean pipes and remove any kind of blockage. This gives us the flexibility we need to find the obstruction without needing to dig trenches, saving our customers time and money. Once we find the troublesome issue in the pipe, we are equipped with the necessary cleaning services for every situation, such as manual brush cleaning, electro-mechanical cleaning, high-pressure hydro-jetting, and more. We rely on all of these techniques to fix the most difficult pipe problems and keep our customer’s pipes working efficiently for many years.

Drain Pipe and Sewer Clearing and Cleaning Services

  • We rely on pipeline inspections to find stubborn clogs and remove them as soon as possible. Not only can a pipeline inspection fix sewer line problems, it can also serve as a preventative measure to ensure that future problems won’t reoccur. Our reliable video cameras and advanced technology allow us to give our customers the best service.

  • Our technicians record all of this information prior to determining the best solution for removing the problems, also taking into account the age and material of the pipeline itself. With older pipeline materials more likely to suffer from problems, we keep these factors in mind before offering the preferred solution. Our inspections give us the flexibility to make informed decisions and keep the price range fair and budget-friendly.



Depending on the severity of the clog found in the pipe, our drain cleaning specialist will recommend any of the following methods to restore its functionality. Such as:

Blocked Drain Hydro Jetting

This process forces high-pressure water at a force of 4,000 PSI through blocked drain sections clearing the problem area quickly and easily.

Rooter Cable Pipe Clearing

This traditional method of removing clogs involves our experts using a cable to force the clog out of the drain. This is ideal for eliminating small-scale clogs that aren’t particularly dense and are comprised of organic materials such as food and hair.

Sewer Main Rodding and Drain Cleaning

Pipe Surgeons provides sewer main rodding when blockages or clogs occur and wastewater is not draining correctly. Clearing and cleaning your pipes at least once a year will insure that your sewer main is functioning correctly and wastewater ends up where it belongs.


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Water Jetting Pipes For Clogs

Water jetting is the process of blasting immensely pressurized water through the pipes. With water levels as high as 4,000 PSI, and at ranges of 2 gallons a minute up to 20 gallons a minute, we make sure that the blockage is removed quickly and completely. In addition, water jetting serves a second purpose of cleaning the interior of the pipes themselves to improve water flow and efficiency. Our equipment is capable of flushing out various sources of blockages, including:

  • Tree roots

  • Lime deposits

  • Sand and concrete
  • Grease residues

Water jetting requires a skilled operator to use the equipment effectively, and our technicians at Pipe Surgeons are fully trained and capable of maximizing its potential. Our trucks are outfitted with a variety of nozzles and cutting tools that give us the flexibility we need to be prepared and get the job done right every time. At Pipe Surgeons, we reliably ease the worries of our customers by making sure that our technology and methods are advanced and capable of fixing any plumbing problem.

Chain Cutter – Clean, Clear, and Scale Cast Iron Pipes

If the cast iron pipes structural integrity is not compromised then our technician  will use a chain cutter. The chain cutter simultaneously cleans and scales your collection lines by scraping the full diameter of the pipe. This removes grease, scale, and tree roots from cast iron pipe lines with ease, not to mention it is environmentally friendly, making chain cutting a preferred method for cleaning and clearing your cast iron pipe lines of debris.

Electro-Mechanical Services

In addition to our other services, electro-mechanical drain cleaning is among one of the newest and most innovative due to its unique qualities. This cleaning method involves using a traditional sewer snake that snags the clog and pushes it out of the pipe and into the sewer. Its notable combination of older techniques and modern technology makes it a portable solution for clogs when other processes, like hydro-jetting, may not be ideal for the situation. We are constantly investing in new electro-mechanical advancements to make sure that our fixes are effective and long-lasting, improving the quality of the cable, developing different types of auger heads, and adding power feed capability. Our plumbers and technicians use these state-of-the-art tools to ensure that the problem is fixed and our customers are satisfied with the final result.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Maintenance

Cleaning and clearing the pipes involve different steps and time devoted to them. Clearing a pipe acts as a temporary solution, solving the drain problem quickly and within minutes. Pipe cleaning involves removing all of the debris within the pipes and restoring them to their original condition. The prices differ for each service, and it’s important to know what the best solution is for your situation. At Pipe Surgeons, we will recommend the process that is needed to restore full functionality to your home and keep your drains clean and clear.

The Pipe Surgeons Promise

You know that a company cares about the quality of their work when they stand behind it. We have some of the best South Florida sewer pipe repair and pipe installation warranties and guarantees in the industry because we know our staff and our products are the best in the business. Our passionate technicians are friendly, clean, polite, drug-free, and experienced while both our parts and products are state-of-the-art—guaranteed!