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4 Reasons Your Drains are Clogged

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Clogged drains can negatively affect your home and family members in a lot of ways. Aside from the massive disruption and inconvenience, blockages allow bacteria and sludge to come inside your property and leave a sewer-like smell. Dealing with a clog can be easy, however. All you have to do is call a Pipe Surgeons expert to have it fixed using the latest in trenchless technology.

Here are 4 reasons why your drains can become severely clogged:

Oil, Solidified Grease, and Food Waste

Some substances may look like they should be fine being flushed down the drain, but the truth is that homeowners and business owners should have a compost pile for or throw away specific wastes, including grease, cooking oil and food scraps, which can solidify over time and reverse the flow of your sewer lines.

Soap Scum, Hair, and Debris

It’s inevitable that loose hair and soap scum get washed off and go down the shower drain. If you don’t have a drain cover, all those hair and soap pieces can bind with sticky matter such as grease and form a larger blockage.

Tree Roots May Have Invaded And Grown In Your System

Tree roots naturally seek nourishment and if your pipes aren’t sealed enough, it can cause plumbing problems and full-blown emergencies. Some of the signs that point to tree root intrusion include the following:

  • Raw sewage smell inside your kitchen, bathroom and floor drains.
  • Unusual puddles of water out the yard, lawn or garden.
  • Constant backing up and more insects and pests appearing.

We suggest you have your sewer system inspected regularly to prevent the occurrence of clogs and other sewer problems.

Pipes May Be Made Of Outdated Piping Materials

In the past, the sewer pipes of choice were often concrete and cast iron. Due to aging, constant use and ground movement, most of these pipe lines are due for a repair or replacement. If you have a home that’s 50 years old and you’re experiencing clogs, then it could be that you have an outdated piping that needs trenchless technology.

If you notice any recurring clogs on your property, contact the Pipe Surgeons today.

pipe surgeons truck

Integrity, Excellence, and Responsiveness. Shouldn't you call Pipe Surgeons today?

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