Pipeline Inspections

At Pipe Surgeons, we rely on pipeline inspections to find stubborn clogs and remove them as soon as possible.


Pipe Surgeons offers 19 services performed by our certified and fully licensed plumbing and pipe specialists. There are two main ways to perform pipeline inspection services in existing pipes. The most simple and trusted way to inspect pipes is with camera inspection services. Pipeline cameras are small, flexible, waterproof, and highly accurate. The images they provide are clear and can help plumbers see both existing issues and issues that may be coming in the future (such as slight cracks and potential tree root intrusion sites). 

The second way to inspect a pipe is literally to take it apart and look inside. This type of inspection is obviously a viable method when dealing with surface issues that may sill be close to the drain where the problem is most apparent. 

When might you need a pipeline inspection?

When water is backing up into your home or business.

When other methods of clearing a drain have little to no effect. 

When the cause of a drainage issue is unknown. 

When the home or business may have older pipes that may have shifted or may have tree root intrusion issues. 

Pipeline Inspections

At Pipe Surgeons, we rely on pipeline inspections to find stubborn clogs and remove them as soon as possible. Not only can a pipeline inspection diagnose sewer line problems, it can also serve as a preventative measure to ensure that future problems won’t reoccur. Our reliable video cameras and advanced technology allow us to give our customers the best service.

Our range of services is available throughout the state of Florida, covering major cities from Melbourne to West Palm Beach, FL.

The Pipeline Inspection Method At Pipe Surgeons

At Pipe Surgeons, we send our professional technicians to fix these problems and find other issues with this non-intrusive method. We avoid digging through the ground to access the pipes and find the problems by sending a video camera into the pipe. This direct approach allows a variety of problems to be exposed, including obvious, tangible issues such as clogs and tree root infestations, while also revealing the presence of possible corrosion or leaks and cracks in the pipe.

Our technicians record all of this information prior to determining the best solution for removing the problems, also taking into account the age and material of the pipeline itself. With older pipeline materials more likely to suffer from problems, we keep these factors in mind before offering the preferred solution. Our inspections give us the flexibility to make informed decisions and keep the price range fair and budget-friendly.

Advantages of Pipeline Inspections

In cities throughout Florida, sewer lines can be clogged by a variety of sources. Tree roots, grease, and thick “flushable” toilet paper, feminine products, and wipes can accumulate and create complications in the pipes. Home remedies such as plungers and drain cleaners will be ineffective in these situations, requiring the assistance of a professional to remove the clog.

We make sure that our customers see these videos in order to have an informed conversation about the best solution and provide awareness of the advantages of conducting pipeline inspections regularly, including:

  • Finding broken or cracked pipes

  • Finding misaligned pipes due to shifting soil

  • Preventing future health hazards by diagnosing pipe issues early on.

Pipeline inspections allow our experts to determine the best solutions for every situation we find. Our priority is our customer’s satisfaction and ensuring that we find the best, long-lasting solution to pipeline problems.

The Pipe Surgeons Promise

At Pipe Surgeons, we are committed to our work and stand behind all of our services. Our technicians and equipment are the best in the industry, and our company has been in the industry for several years, assisting customers across Florida with services that are punctual and long-lasting. With courteous and polite staff, we ensure that when you call us to make an appointment regarding any concerns you have, you will be treated fairly and professionally. Our team at Pipe Surgeons looks forward to working with you-call us today!

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