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What Steps Are Taken for Gravity Pipe Leakage Testing?

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Gravity Sewer Drain Testing in South Florida

Let’s face it. For the most part, our pipes are a mystery to us. We use water every day to cook, clean, bathe and drink. We rely on water for day-to-day living and probably take it for granted – until something is wrong. If water isn’t flowing or draining from our homes efficiently, it’s an issue. And it’s a major issue for that matter.

But even at times of need, we most likely don’t know just quite why we are experiencing these issues. Issues can come from blockages and clogs, leaks and hole, and even cracks and breaks. When normal water flow is restricted from our homes, it’s not a good time.

Thankfully, technology is paving the way for better things, even in the plumbing industry. Professionals are now able to do bigger and better things with extremely minimal heavy lifting. Pipes can be replaces and repairs internally. Pipes can also be evaluated and inspected internally. There are tremendous amounts of ways that pipes can be maintained, fixed and repaired. And there are also ways to diagnose and find out what the problems are. This is a huge step in heading in the right direction of fixing the overall issue.

South Florida Pipe Leakage Testing FL

Sewer Camera Inspection for Leak Diagnosis

A popular way to diagnose an issue is with a sewer camera inspection, which takes inside photos and videos and the pipes. This gives professionals an accurate view of what your pipes look like in real time. There is also the traditional way of accessing the pipes directly to check their exteriors and conditions. This could include digging holes and having to find the track of the pipes themselves.

Gravity Pipe Leaking Test

And then there is gravity pipe leakage testing. This is a more technical test that is not very well known about and requires more in-depth tests and knowledge. This leakage test is done by the following steps:

  • This is done by performing a low-pressure air test.
  • The infiltration test shall be used when the groundwater level is at least 2 feet above the crown of the pipe measured at the upstream manhole.
  • Leakage is determined by measuring the flow through the opening in the downstream plug for at least 15 minutes.
  • The pipe should be pressurized to 5 psig greater than the pressure exerted by groundwater above the pipe.
  • A water test is then done by introducing water into a void volume until water flows evenly from the open petcock.
  • When the petcock is closed, the water is pressurized to 3.5 psig above the pressure exerted by the groundwater.
  • Finally, the drop in pressure is measured over 10 seconds.

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No test is too hard for the Pipe Surgeons. Whether you need a simple camera inspection or a more technical look at your pipes with our gravity pipe leakage testing, we are here to assist you in diagnosing your pipe issues before they become too severe. Call Pipe Surgeons to help with your plumbing issues today.

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