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What Causes Recurring Leaks?

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Water leaks are among the most common plumbing problems. Water leaks create a conducive environment for harmful bacteria to thrive. Leaks also result in increased water utilities. At Pipe Surgeons, we provide professional water leak detection services. Here are the leading causes of recurring leaks:

Seal Breakage

Broken seals contribute significantly to water leaks. During installation, a rubber sealant helps to prevent any leakages in appliances. Continued wear on the sealant eventually causes it to break down. Broken seals are, notably, common with appliances including washing machines and dishwashers. In case of seal breakage, you’re likely to spot water puddles near your appliance. Make sure to consult a leak detection specialist from Pipe Surgeons to identify and repair any broken seals.

Pipe Corrosion

Pipe decay and corrosion is also a top reason for recurring leaks. The most common types of pipe corrosion include rusting and discoloration. Pipe decay happens mostly for older plumbing systems. The standard lifespan for galvanized steel pipes is twenty years. Brass pipes, on the other hand, have a lifespan of 70 years. If you notice any rust or decay, you should invest in newer pipes. Additionally, rely on leak detectors to identify and notify you in case of leaks.

Excessive High Pressure

Extremely high water pressure increases the risk of recurring water leaks. Excessive pressure strains the water pipes; thus, causing them to burst. Most pipes can handle water pressure ranging up to 60 psi. It will help if you check the manufacturer’s guidelines to identify the recommended levels of water pressure. Otherwise, you might need our leak detection services in Port St. Lucie, FL, all of a sudden.

Movement of the Underground Soil

Underground movements similarly cause the piping system to move. Subsequently, the pipes may crack, bend, break, or burst in the process. As a property owner, investing in equipment for underground leak detection is crucial. Additionally, consult a professional plumber for underground pipe preventive maintenance.

Are you looking for exceptional leak detection services? Pipe Surgeons are your expert partners in detecting and preventing water leaks. Contact us today and let’s help you fix recurring leaks.

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