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Pipe Bursting Sewer Drain Replacement

At Pipe Surgeons, our certified professionals have been conducting non-invasive pipeline repair and replacement services for years. Part of our initiative to offering new and innovative solutions is recommending the pipe bursting solution to our customers across Florida.



What Is The Sewer & Pipe Bursting Process in South Florida?

The pipe bursting process involves replacing broken and collapsed sections of pipelines without digging deep trenches. Typically, the pipe bursting process involves creating two small-scale access points, one to insert the pipeline bursting equipment through and the other access point for the equipment to be removed through.

After these access points have been established, the drilling head is inserted into the pipeline. The drilling head is moved into the pipe, forcing itself through the broken portions of the pipe. The bursting equipment pushes out the fragments of the breaking pipe into the soil, creating more space for the new pipe to be safely installed in its place. The new, HDPE pipe that is pulled into the space behind the drilling head seamlessly takes the place of the host pipe. Pipe bursting can be applied to fix a wide range of pipeline materials, including:

  • PVC

  • Orangeburg

  • Clay
  • Cast iron

A versatile pipeline replacement solution, pipe bursting can be deployed to fix a number of different sewer pipes and the problems that may be encountered in Florida homes and businesses.

Displacing old pipes can be removed in many different ways, and pipe bursting makes it possible to replace any pipe. But before we recommend pipe bursting as ideal the solution for pipe problems, we take our time to diagnose the problem and ensure that our customers make the final choice. Pipe bursting is a great method for fixing old pipes without needing trenches in the ground to access them. Modern technology gives us the capability to use jetter hoses with an attached camera and pipe bursting heads to easily replace old pipes. The benefits of this method include installing a new pipe with the same dimensions as the old one, as well as establishing better flow and support throughout the pipe.

  • Static bursting. Static pipe bursting is a method implemented when a gas and sewer line needs to be replaced. This method reduces the need to dig trenches and is powered by a hydraulic power unit, offering an efficient solution for fixing these vital lines quickly.

  • Pneumatic bursting. At Pipe Surgeons, we recommend pneumatic bursting if a large sewer, gas, or water line needs to be replaced and is powered by an air compressor.

  • Lateral bursting. At Pipe Surgeons, our lateral bursting technique is one of the most popular solutions for plumbing complications. Lateral bursting is a trenchless method for replacing pipes, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient. Most importantly, this method avoids releasing dangerous gases into the air and promotes safety and security.


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Pipe Bursting Sewer Lateral Line

The sewer lateral line is a specific pipeline that connects the sewer system in a home or business to the city main line found beneath streets. The lateral line runs beneath the building and the property itself, making traditional, dig-and-replace solutions extensive and potentially more costly due to the amount of demolition required both inside and outside of the property. With pipe bursting, the time taken to complete the replacement is significantly reduced.

Prior to determining if pipe bursting is necessary to fixing the sewer lateral line, it needs to be cleaned and inspected properly. With our high-quality cameras, we can quickly determine the extent of the damage and determine the best course of action for fixing the problem. Our technicians will discuss the results of the inspection and the recommended solution for resolving the problem as quickly as possible and at a fair price. If pipe bursting is concluded to be the best solution, suitable entry and exit points are created and the pipe bursting equipment is deployed. The drilling head breaks apart the broken lateral line while pulling the new HDPE pipe into position from behind.

Pipe Bursting Sewer Main Line

The sewer main line is connected to homes and businesses through the lateral line and is positioned beneath roads and streets. If the sewer main collapses due to extreme weather or corrosion, our experts at Pipe Surgeons can quickly fix the problem. Our pipe bursting equipment keeps the repairs minimally invasive and fast, quickly replacing the damaged portions of the lateral line without additional excavation on properties across Florida.

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Pipe Surgeons has been in business for more than 33 years and is a fully licensed and insured sewer, drain, water, and pressurized pipe repair and replacement company that serves residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal buildings in the entire South Florida area, including Boca Raton, Fort Pierce, Hollywood, Jupiter, Miami, Port Saint Lucie, Stuart, West Palm Beach, and many other cities and towns in the area. We offer financing through Green Sky and all of our repairs come with a warranty. Pipe Surgeons handles all local permits and licenses and all services, including maintenance, repairs, and replacements will meet local codes and standards.

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You know that a company cares about the quality of their work when they stand behind it. We have some of the best sewer pipe repair and pipe installation warranties and guarantees in the industry because know our staff and our products are the best in the business. Our passionate technicians are friendly, clean, polite, drug-free, and experienced while both our parts and products are state-of-the-art—guaranteed!