Water Jetting

Pipe Surgeons provides water jetting as a solution to many plumbing complications and make it our goal to ensure that reoccurring problems don’t crop up for our customers.

Water jetting is the process of blasting immensely pressurized water through the pipes. With water levels as high as 4,000 PSI, and at ranges of 2 gallons a minute up to 20 gallons a minute, we make sure that the blockage is removed quickly and completely. In addition, water jetting serves a second purpose of cleaning the interior of the pipes themselves to improve water flow and efficiency. Our equipment is capable of flushing out various sources of blockages, including:

  • Tree roots
  • Lime deposits
  • Sand and concrete
  • Grease residues

Water jetting requires a skilled operator to use the equipment effectively, and our technicians at Pipe Surgeons are fully trained and capable of maximizing its potential. Our trucks are outfitted with a variety of nozzles and cutting tools that give us the flexibility we need to be prepared and get the job done right every time. At Pipe Surgeons, we reliably ease the worries of our customers by making sure that our technology and methods are advanced and capable of fixing any plumbing problem.

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