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Your sewer line can go through a lot of misuse, and you may even innocently put things down your drains that you think will pass through your pipes without a problem. However, clogs and other sewer line damage can lead to leaks, sewer backups, or even a burst pipe. Leave your sewer repairs to Pipe Surgeons to save time and money with our advanced techniques.

What Causes Sewer Pipe Damage?

Sewer line damage is caused by so many different factors, and even those who take care of their pipes can experience normal wear and tear or other factors that are outside of their control. Your pipes can be damaged because of:

  • Paper towels, cleaning wipes, “flushable” bathroom wipes, or feminine hygiene products

  • Food scraps, grease, coffee grounds, or other items from the kitchen

  • Trees with invasive roots on your property

  • Corrosion, rust, or other deterioration

  • Humidity or other weather events affecting West Palm Beach

  • Buildup of minerals or sediment

No matter the cause of your sewer line damage, Pipe Surgeons has a range of services available to restore your pipes. Give us a call at the first sign of a leak or clog and let the professionals at West Palm Beach handle your sewer pipe repair.

Broken Pipe

Professional Sewer Pipe Repair

Many sewers will need a camera inspection to allow us to get a better look at the damage. Our technician uses a high-definition camera to locate and diagnose the problem without digging up your property. We can also use advanced detection technology to find the source of a leak. After the analysis, we will typically recommend one or more of our plumbing solutions.

Drain cleaning can be used to clear even the toughest obstructions, including tree roots and layers of mineral buildup. Our hydro jetting procedure is minimally-invasive and safe on a variety of different kinds of pipe.

When pipe repair is needed, we offer many options based on the circumstances. Traditional excavation repairs can provide direct access to your damaged pipe. However, trenchless pipe repair and pipe replacement techniques can reduce the job completion time and restoration costs often associated with traditional methods of repairs.

Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

In many cases, your entire inspection, drain cleaning, and sewer repair procedure can be completed without invasive digging. By eliminating the need for a trench, we also dramatically reduce the time needed to complete your repairs and save you money on labor costs.

Heavy equipment can wreak havoc on your landscaping, and the resulting trench can even pose a risk to those on your property. Without a trench we can utilize a smaller crew and confined work area for minimal impact to your home life or business operations.

You may be surprised at the savings and efficiency most people experience when they choose Pipe Surgeons for sewer pipe repair. We utilize the most advanced technology to bring the residents of West Palm Beach high-quality, durable repairs. We do everything from preventive maintenance to major repairs, so contact Pipe Surgeons no matter what your sewer line needs.