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Palm Beach, FL Leak Detection

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Palm Beach, Florida Leak Detection

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Leak detection equipment utilizes advanced technology to be reliable and efficient. At Pipe Surgeons, we are proud to offer our leak detection services to our customers in the Palm Beach community.

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What Types Of Problems Can Leak Detection Equipment Diagnose?

We use our leak detection equipment and services to diagnose the source of various and common leaks that can be found on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. From water leaks in the yard to basement flooding, our technicians are also able to identify leaks in pipes and drains, including:

  • Potable, pressurized water pipe leaks
  • Hydrostatic water pressure leaks
  • Underground concrete slab leaks

Water leaks found in potable pipes require quick solutions because pressurized water mains are full of water at all times, and leaks cause the water to flow out of hole nonstop. Hydrostatic water pressure leaks are most commonly found on properties that include a basement, as these leaks are formed as the result of groundwater being forced through gaps and holes.

Leaks found in concrete slabs are also a source of concern, as these slabs act as the foundation of residential and commercial buildings. If water seeps into these subterranean spots, it can weaken the foundation and cause major property damage if it’s not diagnosed or fixed accordingly.

At Pipe Surgeons, not only do we identify these types of leaks, we also take the time to identify the materials your pipes are comprised of. In many cases, galvanized steel and copper pipes are more vulnerable to developing pinhole leaks, while cast iron drain lines are more likely to corrode from the inside and form long, extensive cracks and leaks. Knowing the materials used on your property allows us to make careful and informed decisions on how to best detect leaks and fix them accordingly.

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How Our Gas & Smoke Testing Leak Detection Equipment Can Help Palm Beach Residents

YDepending on the situation, we offer two types of leak detection services in Palm Beach. These include:

  • Smoke Testing Leak Detection This type of leak detection equipment relies on the smoke itself to find the leak. In these scenarios, harmless, non-toxic smoke is released directly into the pipes after they have been sealed off. The smoke travels through the pipe nad escapes through the respective leak, and it can allow our technicians to potentially find several leaks as well. This service is particularly effective for finding leaks that are too small to find through conventional methods.

  • Camera Inspection Leak Detection This method is the leak detection service that we practice more often. During this inspection process, we take an inside look at your pipes through a waterproof camera that we navigate through the water mains. The high-quality footage produced by the cameras is sent to a monitor for our specialists to review, allowing us to identify leaks and fix them accordingly.

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Call Pipe Surgeons For Professional Leak Detection Services In Palm Beach, Florida Today!

At Pipe Surgeons, we are proud practitioners of convenient and affordable services. In Palm Beach, our years of experience give us the flexibility to service a wide variety of residential, commercial, and municipal industries, including apartment complexes, restaurants, shopping malls, factories, courthouses, embassies, police stations, condos, offices, and many other buildings. If you suspect that there’s a leak on your property, call us to learn more about how we can help you today!

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