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Leaks from water pipes, sewer lines, and fittings waste are an environmental and financial problem. According to the EPA, ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day. Most homeowners are able to detect leaks and get them fixed, but there are cases where leaks are near impossible to find. This is where a professional leak detection team like Pipe Surgeons comes in.

Leak Detection Technology

Traditionally, leaks could only be found by digging or breaking through the foundation of the house or yard. This method is impractical, expensive, and unnecessary. Instead, we use a simple method called acoustic leak detection. We find differences in the sound the water flow makes to find the location of the leak. This sound pipe mapping method allows us to find leaks under materials like concrete, wood, soil, and tarmac, even ten feet underground. After creating a map of the plumbing system, we mark where the leaks are in the system, allowing us to present you with a repair plan that’s custom made and specific to the situation.

Common Home Leaks

Pipe Surgeon’s leak detection techniques are practical in any location, from a home to a business. Water and sewer pipes are the most common water leaks we fix, but that’s not all we’re capable of. We can find and fix the following leaks as well:

  • Pools. Pools naturally lose water due to evaporation, filtering, and water splashing out. But if you find the water level is much lower than usual, this may indicate that there is a leak in the pool. These leaks can be in many different places, from the fittings, the shell, or the plumbing and filtering.
  • Toilets. Toilet leaks can range from being simple and easily fixable, such as a flapper valve not being tightly sealed, but others are more complicated and require professional leak detection techniques. Our team is capable of performing a variety of tests in order to gauge the situation and find a solution. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and reduce the percentage of leaking toilets.

Pipe Surgeons’ Leak Detection Jupiter

Water and sewer leaks can be a nightmare to deal with. Let us help. Contact us now to schedule a visit in Jupiter and we will walk you through our leak detection process. Our satisfaction guarantee rests on more than 30 years serving people all over Florida.

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