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Palm City Tree Root Invasions

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Palm City Tree Root Invasions

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Trees add a touch of nature to your property’s landscape, but if you’re not careful they can invade your sewer pipes and choke it from within. In some cases, tree roots present a more severe situation than just a clog. It’s difficult to detect and even harder to get rid of. At Pipe Surgeons, we have the latest in trenchless equipment and inspection processes to determine the exact location of the tree root invasion in Palm City homes and businesses, then get it fixed for the ultimate resolution.

What Are The Signs Of Possible Tree Root Invasion

Root obstruction from nearby bushes, shrubs and trees are often the culprit of sewer clogs and backups. You may find your toilets and drains work slower everyday, or experience constant backups and flooding in the basement and the drains around the house. If you hear a gurgling noise each time you turn on the tap or flush, then it could be that tree roots have affected the flow of your sewer lines.

Trees seek sustenance by sending out roots deep underground. If your pipes are old and they have weak points, like cracks, holes, or compromised joints, active roots can seek nourishment and invade it. Root systems can double in size in a short span of time, eventually leading to more cracks, holes or a burst pipe. Over time, you’ll notice sinkholes forming out in your yard, garden or lawn, which leads to structural danger and risk of property damage.

Call our certified technicians to get a comprehensive inspection and have the issue fixed as soon as possible.

How Pipe Surgeons Solves And Prevents Tree Root Problems

Strengthening your pipes is one way of combating the root problem. With no entry points, roots will have a harder time entering and impeding the flow of your sewer system. For larger properties, our technicians recommend a drain inspection once every one to two years in order to see if there’s any potential problem that might lead to a future emergency.

Water jetting can dislodge roots and send them out the nearest municipal treatment plant. Strong, pressurized water effectively dislodges and scours not only debris such as roots, but also calcified matter, years of buildup, sludge, grease, and household items that are flushed down toilets, sinks and drains.

The risk of root intrusion becomes greater when the property is old, as your pipes are most likely made from older materials such as cast iron, clay, orangeburg, etc. These pipes will become susceptible to damage, corrosion and cracking, and allow tree roots to get inside with ease. A comprehensive drain cleaning service followed up with a trenchless pipe repair or replacement should rehabilitate your pipes and make it stronger against common pipe issues such as cracking and root intrusion.

Pipe Surgeons and Tree Root Invasions

At Pipe Surgeons, we recommend property owners who have trees in their yards get their drains checked every two years, or when they notice issues with their plumbing. Not doing so can lead to a large repair bill and interrupted use. If you think you have a tree root invading your pipes, contact the Pipe Surgeons today.

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