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Miami Tree Root Invasion

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Miami, Florida is known for lush, tropical vegetation which is what makes the area so beautiful. The downside to an area rich with vegetation is the damage that it can cause to your pipelines. Our team at Pipe Surgeons has seen a variety of the problems vegetation causes to pipelines, but one of the most common problems is tree root invasion. Our team at Pipe Surgeons has found solutions to even the most complex tree root invasions. The trenchless technology we use at Pipe Surgeons allows us to locate your invasion and solve it, saving you money and avoiding the hassle of digging on your property.

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Understanding Tree Root Invasion in Miami

A tree root invasion occurs when underground tree roots grow into your pipeline in search of water and nutrients. This is commonly the case with older pipes that have existing holes and cracks in the system. Tree roots are attracted to these cracks and will grow inside of the cracked lines, creating more damage and preventing them from flowing properly.

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Preventing Miami, Florida Pipes from Tree Root Invasion

While Pipe Surgeon’s is experienced in dealing with tree root repairs, we are also skilled in preventing them from happening. Inspections and cleaning, especially in the case of older pipes, will help catch any small cracks and save them from tree roots. Our camera inspection is quick and affordable and will give you a detailed glimpse into the state of your lines and how to best care for them.

Symptoms of Tree Root Invasion in Your Miami Sewer and Drain Pipes

Tree root invasions grow rapidly, and the faster they grow – the larger the cost. Catching a root intrusion in the beginning stages will save Florida residents time and money.

Here are the top symptoms to look out for:

  • Sewer smell in your house or building
  • Toilet draining or gurgling
  • Backups and overflow in your sink, toilet, or tub
  • Sewer flies

Viable Solutions for Tree Root Invasion at Pipe Surgeons

Our team at Pipe Surgeons aims to provide all Miami customers with the most beneficial services to remove tree roots safely while cleaning and restoring your pipelines to their former function.


As with any pipeline issue, we first begin by thoroughly inspecting the area. Our technicians will use advanced camera technology to pinpoint the tree root in order to understand exactly how to repair it.


Pipe Surgeon’s hydro jetting technology allows us to clean your pipes efficiently using a pressurized water hose. Depending on the size of the invasion, this process alone may be able to blast through the blockage.

Pipe bursting & line replacement

Pipe bursting and line replacement are both trenchless services we recommend to many of our Miami clients who have a tree root invasion. Replacement is usually necessary in the case of your cracked pipelines but can be done quickly and affordably using these methods. Pipe bursting involves drilling into your damaged pipe in order to push the damaged line out of the way and make room for your line replacement. The new line is then inserted through a tube saturated in resin. This resign is then dried and removed, leaving you with new, strong, lining that can last up to fifty years.

Pipe Surgeons will help you solve any tree root invasion you have on your Miami property. We have the experienced technicians and tools to provide you with exceptional service whenever you need it. Call your Florida tree root invasion experts to schedule an appointment and request a quote.

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