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Sewer Pipe Repair Pembroke Pines, FL

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Repairing your Pembroke Pines, Florida sewer lines doesn’t have to be invasive or costly. At Pipe Surgeons, we offer many options for sewer repair to residential and commercial customers in Pembroke Pines and the surrounding communities. We provide a range of traditional repairs and modern trenchless procedures to fix your sewer line effectively while also minimizing cost. Our specialized techniques will help you restore full functionality to your pipe system.

Detecting Sewer Pipe Damage

The first step to fixing you sewer is pinpointing the source of the problem. We utilize camera inspections to provide a first-hand look at your pipes without the need for excavation. We use high-definition cameras that allow our experienced technicians to locate the damage and detect the nature of the problem. The entire inspection can be performed from an existing access point, eliminating the need for destructive excavation.

The cause of your sewer line damage will determine the repair options that are best suited for your unique situation. Our team knows exactly what to recommend in order to repair your sewer lines right the first time with solutions that will last for years.

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Options for Sewer Pipe Repair in Pembroke Pines

At Pipe Surgeons, we offer traditional dig-and-replace repairs in addition to convenient trenchless repairs. Your ideal repair will depend on the severity of your sewer line’s blockage and the location of the damage within your Pembroke Pines plumbing system, in addition to other factors.

Traditional Methods

When traditional repairs are necessary, our skilled technicians will work quickly and efficiently to diminish the effect on your home or business and keep costs low. Also, our camera inspection will allow us to accurately pinpoint where the repairs are needed, eliminating the risk of excavating multiple areas.

Trenchless Technologies

If traditional methods of repair are not practical for your Pembroke Pines property, we will provide you with trenchless services. Pipe lining is an effective way to resolve mild to moderate damage by filling in problem areas with epoxy resin and a sheath of durable material. Fragile materials like clay, orangeburg, and cast iron can break down over time, but pipe lining allows you to keep your existing pipes and simply restore them to extend the life of your current plumbing system.

When extensive damage is present, pipe bursting can replace your pipes without excavation. A hydraulic machine drives a drilling head through your existing pipe to break it apart and displace it into the surrounding soil. Bursting technology simultaneously pulls the new pipe into position to replace your sewer line in one swift motion, all while avoiding excavation.

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Choose Pipe Surgeons for Your Pembroke Pines Sewer Pipe Repair

Slow flushing drains, foul odors, moist areas, and more are telltale signs of sewer line damage. Sewer repair can be stressful, but our team at Pipe Surgeons wants to alleviate your stress and take care of your pipe repair with speed. Swift and attentive service from our knowledgeable technicians is the best way to resolve your sewer line damage for your Pembroke Pines home or business. We offer financing options for those unexpected repairs, so don’t wait to get your sewer line repaired. Contact Pipe Surgeons today to take advantage of our state-of-the-art sewer repair services.

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For over 33 years now, we have serviced local businesses with our premier investigative plumbing system maintenance and rehabilitation services.

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Integrity, Excellence, and Responsiveness. Shouldn't you call Pipe Surgeons today?

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