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Storm Drain & Roof Drain Lining Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Drainage systems redirect extra water that can come from the environment or just from your home. Without these, your home would be greatly impacted by the excess water. A blocked storm drain could result in waterlogged soil, and this could cause the ground to shift and collapse. Dysfunctional roof drains could cause water to collect on the roof, causing extra weight. If the pressure of the water is too heavy, it could result in the roof caving in.

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How Drain Lining Can Fix Storm & Roof Drains In Fort Lauderdale, FL

To help avoid these disasters, Pipe Surgeons has a repair solution called drain lining. This is available to the Fort Lauderdale area. This repair acts like a patch, smoothing over and filling in cracks or weak areas. It also adds to the drain’s structural strength. To start the process, an inspection must be performed on the storm or roof drain. This gives the technician the ability to see inside the drain and identify what kind of damage has occurred. This is done with fiber optic cables, a waterproof camera, and a small TV screen. The camera is placed inside the drain and guided through while the footage is immediately sent to the small TV screen. The technician is able to clearly see what kind of damaged have happened.

After the inspection, the storm or roof drain will need to be cleaned. With the use of hydro jetting, water can cut through the leaves, gunk, dirt, and mineral build up that could be blocking the drains. The water is pressurized to 4000 PSI (pound per square inch), which gives it the power to cut through even tree roots. Cleaning the pipe also leaves a smooth surface for the lining to form onto. The lining is made of epoxy resin that starts out as a liquid. This is coated onto a tube that is placed inside the drain. Once correctly positioned, it can be inflated and force the epoxy resin against the side of the drain. This tube will maintain a constant pressure over twenty-four hours, which allows the epoxy resin to cure and harden into the new patch.

Once twenty-four hours is up, the tube can be removed and the drain is ready for use. The lining does not require the drain to be reattached to the water and sewer systems, all it needs is the time to cure. Additionally, this repair is trenchless. This means that the excavation of your yard or home may not be necessary. Before pipe lining was available, digging up sections of your yard was required in order to just reach the drain. This could mean days and even weeks of work. Following the repair, homeowners would have to hire landscaping crews to reverse the damage, but having your drain lined can easily avoid all this stress and unnecessary work.

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If you are experiencing problems with your storm drain or your roof drain, don’t hesitate to call Pipe Surgeons. Having an inspection and repairs performed is quick and efficient with the professionalism of our staff, and we look forward to working with you.

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Integrity, Excellence, and Responsiveness. Shouldn't you call Pipe Surgeons today?

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