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Sewer lines can often be clogged by various sources, including oil and fat from kitchen sinks, hair and soap from showers, and tree roots within the sewer line itself, stopping the water flow. Other problems with sewer lines are cracks and leaks. As the sewer pipes age they are prone to breaking, and the seals between them can become loose, leaking sewage into the surrounding soil. Some sewer pipes are made from materials which will corrode after several years of usage, so small pieces of it can break off, also causing leaks.

Identifying and repairing these problems used to be a difficult process. The sewer lines would need to be uncovered, destroying any landscape or pavement on top of it to patch them up. Even a minor repair could take many days to complete and was an expensive task. Today we have new plumbing technology which lets us perform any repairs with practically no digging involved.


Sewer Line Repair with Pipe Surgeons

If a sewer line needs to be repaired, we conduct a video inspection first. By inserting a small camera into the sewer pipes, we can see a live video feed which shows us the interior condition of them. This helps us provide an accurate diagnostic, so we can then decide the best way to solve the problems detected. The next step is cleaning the pipes, either by using high-pressure water or with heavy-duty tools that can eliminate even the toughest mineral buildup or tree root infestation. Once the pipes are clean, we can proceed to slip lining the section.

Slip lining consists of inserting a liner coated with epoxy into the sewer line. Once it reaches the exact spot that needs to be repaired, it is inflated and left there until the epoxy hardens. This creates a new pipe section within the pipe, which is extremely durable and seals any cracked or broken pieces. One significant advantage of this method is that it can be finished within one day, and it is much less expensive than having to dig out the pipes. After the repair is complete, we perform a final video inspection to make sure the problem has been solved according to our quality standards.

Sewer and Pipe Solutions

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