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Pipe Bursting: How It Works and Why It’s Worth It

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Pipe bursting is the breakage and replacement of buried damaged pipe lines using the trenchless method to create way for replacement system. This method is used when the damaged pipeline cannot be repaired neither using the traditional trenching method nor the trenchless sewer method.

Why is Pipe Bursting Worth It?

Saves You Money

This method saves you the cost of excavating the soil to get to the damaged pipe line. Various machines are used in the excavation and this adds to the cost. The fact that your driveway, landscape would get damaged and the cost it will take to fix them can also add significantly to an already mammoth cost.

Saves You Time

Pipe bursting using trenchless sewer method requires no digging of the ground which can take weeks to accomplish. It also saves you time from clearing the dirt and repairing of damaged landscape which can be time consuming. With this method, pipe bursting is done through drilling unnoticeable points on the ground to get to the damaged pipeline which in turn keeps the environment clean saving you time of looking for cleaning contractors.

Increased Pipe Flow

Pipe bursting using the trenchless sewer method encompasses the potential of free and increased flow of wastewater through the replacement pipe. Due to the fracturing and soil-clearing nature of pipe bursting, there is enough space for larger pipes, with increased fill capacity, which permit additional free flow. Therefore, the replacement pipe has a larger diameter than the replaced pipe.

Durability of Replacement Pipe

Modern pipes that are used in replacing damaged pipes using the trenchless method come with high quality. They are built to be resilient to root intrusions, soil activity and other factors that can cause pipe line damage.

How Does It Work?

To start the pipe bursting a conical bursting head is fixed to a replacement pipe line, and fed through an entry hole to the broken sewer line. The pointed bursting head breaks the existing, damaged pipe line as it travels through; this is because the bursting head’s cone shape is larger at its base than the existing pipe’s diameter.

Using a pull rod or hydraulic power, the entire existing pipe is fractured and pushed from its original location. The replacement pipe, attached behind the bursting head, is then seamlessly fed in place, filling the cavity left behind by the bursting head. This is an innovative technique that entails effective and guaranteed error free installation.

Choose Pipe Bursting

For your pipe bursting, in case you are in search of a reliable company that is known to offer high professional pipe bursting services. Pipe Surgeons is the perfect fit to get the job done. For several years now, we have been recognized for the top notch pipe bursting services we provide for residential and commercial buildings.

Whenever you are in need of pipe bursting services, simply get in touch with Pipe Surgeons. We are always ready to offer you first class pipe bursting services that will get your piping system back in place.

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Integrity, Excellence, and Responsiveness. Shouldn't you call Pipe Surgeons today?

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