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Main Causes of Frequent Sewer Backups

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A sewer backup is an unpleasant, costly, and messy experience. The good news is that most sewer backups can be prevented with routine plumbing maintenance and exercising caution in your use of the plumbing system. Moreover, you can count on Pipe Surgeons for affordable sewer repair in Port St. Lucie, FL. In our experience, here are some of the most common reasons why sewer backups occur.

Tree Roots

Tree roots seek the moisture and nutrients in the sewage. They find a joint or weakness in the sewer pipe and push their way into it. Once one root penetrates the sewer pipe, it rapidly grows, leading to an obstruction. If the roots grow for too long, they can crack the pipe, which requires a sewer line replacement.


Heavy rains can flood the municipal water system. A burst pipe in your yard can also result in too much water getting into the sewer. If your pool springs a leak, this could also overwhelm the sewer and cause a backup. Fortunately, you can turn to us for reliable sewer repair services.


Flushing things down the toilet or rinsing things down the drain could create an obstruction that causes a sewage backup. Never flush diapers, wipes, tissues, toilet paper, wrappers or menstrual care products. Plastic health and hygiene items, medication and cardboard should also never be flushed. In the kitchen, avoid sending grease, oil, bones or starchy or fibrous food into the sink or garbage disposal. If you do, the resulting clog might require us to replace sewer line.

Your home's main sewer drain is a critical part of the plumbing system. We recommend annual sewer line hydro jetting or drain snaking to keep the pipe fully functional. Contact The Pipe Surgeons for quality sewer pipe line repair throughout Port St. Lucie.

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