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Is It Time for a Sewer Drain Cleaning?

sewer repair in Port St. Lucie, FL

Sewer drain maintenance is an important part of your home's upkeep that's often overlooked. Don’t wait until there's a problem in your home's plumbing system before having your sewer line cleaned or sewer repair in Port St. Lucie, FL. Otherwise, you run the risk of costly repairs and premature wear and tear. If you're unsure of whether it's time for a sewer drain cleaning, Pipe Surgeons provides a list of signs to look for.

Water Backing in Tub or Shower

When you flush your toilet and water comes up or gurgles in the shower or tub, that could be an indication of a clogged or damaged sewer line. Water backing up into the tub or shower occurs because a clogged sewer pipe doesn't allow the water to pass through and sends it back to the lowest point, usually the tub and shower. Do not leave this neglected for long, as it may lead to the need to replace sewer line in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Multiple Slow Moving Drains

A single slow-moving drain is usually nothing to be concerned about as far as your sewer line is concerned. Still, if multiple drains around your house are frequently backing up or moving slow, your sewer line probably needs cleaning, especially if snaking or plunging doesn't solve the problem. It may also require our sewer repair services in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Foul Odors in Drains

Foul smells emanating from drains is an indication that your sewer line needs cleaning. Over time, grease, food particles, and other debris will accumulate in your sewer line, which may not immediately require sewer pipe line repair in Port St. Lucie, FL. Bacteria in the pipe will begin to grow and multiply and cause a foul smell to enter your home through the drains.

Having your sewer pipe cleaned and inspected at least once a year is the best way to ensure your drains will work properly and your sewer pipe is clean and free of odor-causing bacteria. Contact Pipe Surgeons for all your sewer line cleaning and plumbing needs. We also provide sewer line replacement in Port St. Lucie, FL. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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