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4 Reasons to Inspect Your Pipes When Returning to Your Florida Property

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Once you arrive in Florida for the winter, it’s time to get your property back in working order. Turning on appliances, checking the pool chemicals, and replacing batteries in your smoke detectors may already be part of your checklist, but what about your plumbing? Even though you won’t have to worry about freezing pipes, a thorough review of your pipes will allow you to do the following.

Look for Mold or Mildew

Even a tiny pinhole can result in added moisture around your pipes. Combined with the humidity of Florida summers, your home can develop mold or mildew. Dark and confined spaces like the cabinets under your sink can be particularly susceptible, so checking your pipes will allow you to look for potentially harmful mold before it spreads.

Check for Damage

Even if you aren’t using your plumbing system, corrosion or other environmental factors can lead to damage while you’re away. There are many things that can indicate damaged pipes, including:

  • A puddle in or around your home
  • A visible crack on an exposed pipe
  • A drip or other active leak
  • Water damage

A damaged pipe can continue to get worse over time, so let Pipe Surgeons handle it right away.

Make Necessary Repairs

If you find damage, it’s important to schedule any necessary repairs before the problem gets worse. The last thing you want during your Florida getaway is a plumbing emergency. Pipe Surgeons can fix your sewer line, water line, roof drain, or your fixtures. We often use trenchless techniques that are minimally-invasive and typically take less than a day.

Update Your Preventive Maintenance Plan

Checking your plumbing will allow you to modify your regular maintenance plan as needed. You can see where problems may be occurring and how you can prevent them before you close up your home for the summer.

Pipe Surgeons is your resource for anything related to your plumbing. When you return to Florida, make sure to check your pipes for any damage or other problems. Make us your first call for any preventive maintenance or repairs on your home in Florida.

pipe surgeons truck

Integrity, Excellence, and Responsiveness. Shouldn't you call Pipe Surgeons today?

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