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The Process of Steam Pipe Lining & What Makes it an Innovative & Affordable Repair Solution in Florida

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The Process of Steam Pipe Lining & What Makes it an Innovative & Affordable Repair Solution in Florida

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At Pipe Surgeons, we understand that sand and silt are active contributors in creating pipe blockages that can eventually break down the pipe, as well as the intense weather conditions and tree root infestations in the area. Preventing the pipes from cracking or degrading is of the utmost importance, and this is where our experts can help. Our state-of-the-art steam pipe lining technology can completely cut the cost and time of repairing your home or businesses pipelines and rehabilitate them within hours, rather than days or weeks.

Why Are Trenchless Repairs Better Than Traditional Solutions?

Buried sewer pipes and water lines are difficult to excavate as that is the nature of their purpose. The ground above them provides protection from most accidental damage, weather, and extreme temperature. In the past, the traditional approach to determine if repairs were needed meant digging up the pipe, assessing the problem, and replacing what was broken. This process was messy, disruptive to houses or businesses, and took a lot of time to complete. Because of this, the cost of repairs could be astronomical, and in many cases, this caused homeowners and businesses to reduce the total length of pipe they could repair to save on expenditures.

This process of dig-and-replace repairs is now being phased out by new practices that offer trenchless alternatives to restoring the pipes. At Pipe Surgeons, we are at the forefront of innovating and cultivating new solutions, and a new technology that we employ to restoring pipes is steam pipe lining. Steam pipe lining is a process where a liner is introduced into pipes that need restorations or repairs and then sealed by being cured with steam. Our highly trained technicians at Pipe Surgeons are experts in this process and can lend you a helping hand if you have a drainage problem.

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How We Start The Pipe Lining Process

The process starts with inserting cameras into the pipes to find out what preparations are needed to clean and fix them. This includes employing equipment to detect leaks in the water lines, and if pipes are discovered to be collapsed, we take the time to carefully evaluate the damage and determine that the pipes can be relined without any risk of a full collapse or creating larger issues.

We select the preferred liner for restoring the damage based on the pipeline materials and the damage discovered in the pipe. Our technicians recognize that the new pipe liner needs to adhere to the inside of the pipe smoothly while ensuring that it is durable enough to maintain an efficient, constant flow of wastewater.

Once we select the best liner to use, we cut it to match the length of the pipe and saturate it with epoxy resin. The process of saturating the pipe, also known as wetting, allows us to fill the liner tube with catalyzed resin on site before the liner is positioned inside of the pipe. There are two different processes that help us pull the liner into the pipe and ensure that the process goes smoothly.

  • The Pull Method - This method uses a rope or cable that is placed into the water main and travels downstream until it reaches the end of the pipe, where it is secured to the liner. The rope or chain pulls the attached liner upstream. Once it is fully fitted and secured to cover the entirety of the pipe, it is inflated until it rests completely against the pipeline it has been inserted into.

  • The Inversion Method - This second method, which works just as well as the pull method, uses compressed air to push the liner into the pipe that needs repair. One end of the liner is attached to a collar-like device at one end of the pipe. This air pushes the liner into the pipeline. As the liner moves through the pipe it gets turned inside out, hence the processes name. When the liner fits the pipeline, it is trimmed to perfect length and then inflated until it is completely sealing the pipe.

The Steam Curing Process

Once the liner is in place in the pipe, it is cured with steam. This makes the flexible liner turn into a stiff new pipe within the original line. this increases the curing rate of the liner and also reduces energy costs with heating water in order to cure the resin. Steam is much more controllable and allows linings to be heated to over 100°C. This means that liner resins cure twice as hast for every 9°C rise in temperature within the pipes. So a liner that is normally cured for 4 hours at 80°C can be cured in 2 hours at 89°C or even cured in 1 hour at 98°C. This is much quicker than linings cured with water.

Because steam is easier to generate, this saves customers time and money and has resulted in this process becoming one of the leading trenchless methods for pipe restoration and repair. This also means that steam curing and installation units, or launchers, are separate. Curing the pipes with water require the launcher to stay in place. Once a steam-cured pipe is filled with steam the launcher can be removed, it is reloaded and reused at another section of piping at the same time. This results in the repairs being completed more quickly and requiring less water, reducing the amount of water that is disposed of at the end of the job as well, preserving the environment from excess water.

Call Pipe Surgeons For Pipe Lining Solutions In Florida

At Pipe Surgeons, we understand that piping can be a big problem due to Florida’s climate and extreme weather conditions. We want to lend a helping hand and save you both time and money while still ensuring pipes are properly repaired and maintained for the health and safety of everyone.

We have been in the business of helping Florida home and business owners with many different issues for over 33 years. Our skilled and highly professional technicians are knowledgeable in their fields and prepared to tackle any problem you might have. Call us today at 888-449-8619 day or night to help fix your simple or difficult plumbing problem today.

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You know that a company cares about the quality of their work when they stand behind it. We have some of the best Miami sewer pipe repair and pipe installation warranties and guarantees in the industry because we know our staff and our products are the best in the business. Our passionate technicians are friendly, clean, polite, drug-free, and experienced while both our parts and products are state-of-the-art—guaranteed!

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