Shower Drain Leak Repair

Leaks from shower drains can cause a lot of damage to the inside of a home, allowing water to erode the walls, joists, and foundations. Traditional methods for repairing leaks were invasive and destructive, requiring walls to be broken down in order to expose the pipes. New, innovative solutions have since been developed to combat these leaks, allowing homes to be protected for decades.



Our solution is known as relining, involving the use of an epoxy resin liner to fix the leaking shower drain. First, we inspect your pipelines with a camera to determine the best plan. We clean the pipe, removing potential clogging that could be affecting the drainage. Once the pipe is dry, an inflatable tube of epoxy is pushed inside. The epoxy adopts the shape of the pipe, and it dries into a new and durable pipe that will last for 50 years.

At Pipe Surgeons, we depend of relining to fix a variety of pipe issues because of how incredibly reliable and efficient the process is.

  • The drainage problem is resolved within a few hours.
  • Relining is non-intrusive, avoiding the destructive steps of breaking the shower tiles or removing the shower stall to access the pipe.
  • Relining improves the drainage flow of water.
  • Relining creates a stronger, more efficient pipe than the one that was previously installed.
  • Relining is a cost-effective solution that saves our customers thousands of dollars in repairs and remodels.

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