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Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

Sewer pipe maintenance is an important task that should not be neglected. Compromised sewage pipes can lead to serious property damage, sanitary issues, and other health concerns. Luckily, Pipe Surgeons has a quick and efficient means of fixing sewer pipes without having to replace them outright, called sewer pipe lining.

A Better Way to Repair Sewer Pipes

Traditionally, the floorboards and walls of your home would need to be ripped out by plumbers in order to access the pipework and replace it. This is a costly endeavor, and not only is the construction loud and inconvenient, it can also lead to permanent property damage if it’s done poorly. Luckily, sewer pipe lining mitigates these problems.

Sewer pipe lining employs epoxy and can be used on multiple types of pipe systems. There are many pressurized pipe systems in Fort Lauderdale that can benefit from using this technique, including:

  • Aged drinking (potable) water pipework
  • Fire suppression
  • Fountains
  • Pool piping
  • HVAC pipework

Sewer Pipe Lining and Trenchless Plumbing

Since sewer pipe lining involves maintaining the current sewer pipe system rather than taking the original pipework out of the ground, a large-scale shutdown of services can often be avoided when using this innovative plumbing solution. This is because trenchless plumbing does not involve creating huge trenches or ripping out the floorboards to get to the pipework. Trenchless plumbing uses existing access points in order to fix the pipes, leading to an environmentally safer and more cost-efficient method.

The first step is to find every current pinhole leak in the system. This is done by using compressed air which blows leaks through the pipe, making it obvious where the pipework has become the most brittle. Afterwards, the pipe is thoroughly cleaned out, removing the corrosion build up that often causes the leaks in the first place. Once that is done, the epoxy pipe liner is pushed throughout the pipework, again by using compressed air. The epoxy lines the innards of the pipe, creating a strong protective barrier as it cures. This prevents the pinhole leaks and the other common problems aging pipework faces, such as rusty water and problematic buildups.

Use the Pipe Surgeons for Your Ft. Lauderdale Sewer Pipe Lining Needs

Sewer pipe lining is one of the best decisions around for fixing your pipework. The lining itself can save you 30% or more in repair costs, all without having to shut down any of the current systems while digging the pipework out of your yard or floors. Our team of trained experts working in the Ft. Lauderdale area are very familiar with this region, and our line of customers will attest to our skill when it comes to handling their plumbing repair problems. When you want the job done right, effectively, and on time, then call the Pipe Surgeons.

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