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Drain Inspection Fort Lauderdale

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Drain pipes are a vital part of your home’s water and sewage system. It directs all the excess, dirty, and wastewater out of the house and into a designated area. This keeps the unsafe substances in old or grey water from coming in contact with your home. Pipe Surgeon offers Fort Lauderdale a unique and quick method to identify any problems in your drain.

Why Drain Lines Need to be Inspected for Leaks & Clogs in Florida

There also some way to identify if you need an inspection, rather than just for regular maintenance. Water stains in your basement may indicate that a gutter or that a drain is blocked and is overflowing into your home. Cracks in your home’s foundation could also show that there is a drainage problem that could be lifting or damaging your foundation. Mildew in the attic is also a serious indicator that there is a problem. Moisture from the basement or underneath your home evaporates and could become trapped in the attic. There it can condense and begin to grow mold or mildew.

If your home is showing these signs, it may be time for an inspection. Because this is a trenchless way of observing the drain, the technician may not be required to dig into your yard or basement. Instead, they use cables and camera that are inserted into the drain. These cameras are high definition, waterproof, and generally come in various sizes. They are mounted on fiber optic cables that allow the camera to travel deep into the drain. As the camera is guided through, it relays its footage back to a portable screen. The technician can watch the footage as the camera moves through the drain.

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How Sewer Pipes are Cleaned in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Once they have a clear idea of the problem, they can begin discussion solutions. If the drain shows a serious clog, they can use their hydro jetting equipment to remove it. Hydro jetting is also trenchless and simply uses highly pressurized water to blast through any blockages. If it shows wear and tear, perhaps small cracks, then pipe lining can be used. This process creates a patch of epoxy resin over the area, effectively adding to the strength of the drain. However, if the drain needs to be replaced, Pipe Surgeons can do that, too. Trenchless replacements are a quick and painless way to getting your drain back up and running.

Inspections are also important for regular home maintenance. If there aren’t any signs in your home that there is a drain problem, it’s always possible that a crack or clog has just begun to form. Finding an issue while it is still small and before it becomes problematic can save you a great deal of money and stress. The drain line an be as old as the home, so making sure it is still strong and in good condition is an easy way to avoid water catastrophes.

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Integrity, Excellence, and Responsiveness. Shouldn't you call Pipe Surgeons today?

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