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What Is Hydrostatic Leak Detection?

A leak in the house can be an annoying source of noise when you’re trying to get some sleep. But did you know that it can cause serious property damage in time? Not to mention a significant increase on your water bill. Hidden …

Sewer Inspections: How To Hold Your Costs Down

In the old days when you had a problem with your sewer line there was just one way to locate the problem. It involved digging. Sometimes that meant digging here, digging over there and digging everywhere until the trouble spot was …

Sewer Pipe Lining Your Sewer Lateral

One of the most complicated issues to deal with in a business or at home is plumbing problems. While it’s easy to maintain your sewer lines in good shape—as long as you give them regular maintenance—the sewer laterals are a bit …

pipe surgeons truck

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